Cine everywhere Inc.

Cine Everywhere Inc. was founded by Cine Ha, revamping the production service branch of Boda Media Group, a boutique documentary production house based in Seoul, Korea.

Focusing on the human element and reflecting society throughout its personal history Boda Media Group has developed and produced creative documentaries for international audiences. Among them Boda produced the highly acclaimed HERE COMES UNCLE JOE (2013) and REACH FOR THE SKY (2015). Most of Boda’s projects are realized as international co-productions – still the exception in Korea. The experience in working with international filmmakers has turned Boda Media Group into one of Korea’s foremost documentary production houses when it comes to international co-productions.

Working with and understanding overseas filmmakers, Boda Media Group started to provide production service to international teams filming in Korea. To cater to growing demand and provide service on a broader scale Cine Everywhere was founded in early 2016. Among its first productions were German TV documentary THE RUN (2016) and Danish hybrid documentary THE RETURN (2017).

Thanks to the expertise of its team members in Korean documentary production for television and cinema Cine Everywhere’s specializes in documentaries. But through an extended network of film professionals, broadcasters, talent agencies and funding bodies, Cine Everywhere is also able to facilitate feature productions, commercials, music videos and corporate videos.