Wooyoung Choi, Director & Producer



Wooyoung Choi has worked on more than 15 major television productions in Korea made for, sold to, Korean major broadcasters including KBS, MBC, EBS, SBS and TVN since 2002.

He directed his first middle-length documentary, ‘Soul performance Gut’, supported by KBI in 2007. In the process, he is named one of the prolific directors in television documentary. Recent highlights include the documentary series, ‘Report in Samdong Elementary School for one hundred-eighty days (EBS)’, which suggest the interactive learning and observe students’ attitude for six months.

He directed his first international documentary, ‘Here Comes Uncle Joe’ with Sinae Ha in 2013. This documentary got several awards; Best Long Documentary at Qinghai Mountain Documentary Festival 2014, China, Best Documentary Feature & Best director of Non-fiction at TELAS- Sao Paulo TV Festival 2014, and Best Long Documentary in Gold Panda International Documentary Festival 2014.

In 2015 and 2016, his feature documentary, ‘Reach for the SKY’ was nominated at Busan International Film Festival, Dok Leipzig, Doc Point, Udine Far Eastern Film Festival, Mar del Plata Film Festival, and so on.

He has produced diverse documentaries, ‘Ashes To Ashes (2015)’, ‘God BLISS Our Home (2017)’, and ‘Stammering Ballad(2017)’


in production The Primate Citizen / Creative Documentary
Beyond the Zoo / Documentary
2017 Stammering Ballad / 45’, 104’ / HD
Line-producer (China Co-production)
2017 God BLISS Our Home / Documentary / 74’, 45’ / HD
Co-producer (Philippines Co-production)
2016 Mansudae Masterclass / Documentary / 52’ / HD
2015 Reach for the SKY / Creative Documentary / 90’, 52’ / HD
Co-Director (Korean-Belgian Co-production)
2015 Ashes To Ashes / Creative Documentary / 80’ / HD
2014 Mr. Election / Creative Documentary /56’, 45’ / HD
2013 Here Comes Uncle Joe / Creative Documentary / 73’, 52’ / HD
Director (ITVS, NHK, SBS(Korea) Co-production)