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A Production Service Company based in Seoul, South Korea
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Flexible professional and reliable

Combined with professional and extremely efficient crews and fast responsetime on applications within state permissions, our team of dedicated filmmakers will make your shoot in Korea a success!

Our passion is to make good films

and interesting projects to open up to the world. Our job is to add professional know-how and combine our intelligence and experience to make it happen. We can define its potential and help it to the right audience everywhere.


– In competition “Bright Future”
at Rotterdam Film Festival 2018
– Nordic Competition Nominee
at Göteborg Film Festival 2018


Cine Ha
Cine Ha
CEO & Producer

We Provide

Full scale production service from initial research to post-production.

Coordinating 100%
Location Scouting 100%
Hospitality 100%
Mark Siegmund
Mark Siegmund
Producer & Location

We make your ideas come to life

Korea’s diverse locations offer a broad spectrum of settings for any project requirement. From downtown cityscapes to mountaintops; plains to coastal regions; and everything in between, Korea is a great stand-in for just about anywhere.

Wooyoung Choi
Wooyoung Choi

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